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Food Distribution in Madaba, Jordan

We recently did a food distribution in Madaba, Jordan for 100 Iraqi refugees there. Thanks to your support we are able to provide this food assistance to Syrian, Iraqi, and Palestinian refugees in Jordan, as well as Jordanians in need.

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Distribution in Greece

Through our partner on the Greek island of Samos we were able to distribute clothing, hygiene supplies, and rat poison to help control the rat problem in the camps to Syrian refugees there. The refugees have been living in very poor conditions and the camp has recently had a huge fire destroying much of the meager possessions and supplies they have. Thank you for your continued support – we were able to send $3000 to purchase all these items for several hundred refugees.

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SCM Update for May 2020

SCM is committed to serving communities of color around the US. Be they Syrian, Iraqi, Afghani, or black, we believe that all people have the right to freedom and dignity, and we are doing our part to drive this change. With your help we have been doing pretty well as we work with Syrian refugees with tools and opportunities to build brighter futures, we seek the same for other marginalized communities. Thank you for all your help in getting this done, without you we would not be able to do anything.

Here is what we did in May with your help:

  • Provide $20,450 in rent assistance for resettled refugees in Washington state
  • Provide $3200 in utility bill assistance for resettled refugees in Washington state
  • Paid $1200 in air ticket loans for some of the refugee families (they must sign a promissory note for the airline tickets in order to travel to the US from wherever they were awaiting their asylum approval)
  • Sent $4000 to LGBTQ refugees in Serbia to help cover shelter, food, asylum application expenses
  • $3000 has been sent to Samos in Greece to help the refugees there with food, hygiene supplies and pest control
  • $2500 was sent Turkey for LGBTQ refugees living expenses
  • $20,000 in food aid during the month of Ramadan to refugees in Jordan
  • $10,000 to help with medicine and food inside Syria
  • We also did a clothing drive and collected 10,000 pounds of clothing that Goodwill pays us $.20 per pound. This money was turned into rental assistance.
  • We contacted farmers in eastern Washington, and they donated potatoes, onions, and apples to SCM. Over a two-day period, we were able to collect 1500 pounds for the Iraqi, Syrian, and Afghani refugees.

We want to thank you all for your generosity and assistance in May to help the refugees get by. This financial crisis for the refugees is not something that will be ending soon so we need to keep up our pace to continue helping them. With your assistance we will be able to do that.

We are getting more and more calls for help – one person gives our name to another person and that person passes it on to another person. We do check the validity of the requests, and the money is never given directly to the refugees but it is paid directly to the utility companies or to the landlords. We are also in contact with other organizations to make sure we are not double paying for anyone who might be getting some other kind of assistance that they also requested from us.

Looking forward, we are planning to send a container by the end of this month to Jordan. It will be filled with humanitarian goods and clothing we have been collecting since the beginning of this year. We have not been able to send it sooner because of the virus, so we will let everyone know when the container will be loaded and then we hope everyone will be able to come and help us load – wearing their mask and gloves and do the social distancing, of course!

So, thank you again everyone! We appreciate all your help and generosity. Stay healthy, wash your hands, wear a mask, and let’s keep on going and let’s make this a better world!

Thank you!


GreeceHumanitarian AidRefugeesWomen & Children

Aid for Refugees in Greece

Jamal Sawalha on LesbosFive years ago, SCM was one of the very first organizations to go to the Greek islands off the coast of Turkey to provide humanitarian and medical aid to the refugees who had made the perilous journey across the sea to get into the European Union. We were on the island of Lesbos, rescuing refugees as they got to the shores, giving them blankets and food, helping them get to safety and to medical facilities if they were in need of further treatment, providing translation services, and providing information to help the refugees take their next steps to asylum.

We followed the need to northern Greece as the refugees tried to continue their flight to countries that they believed would provide refuge  and asylum for them. We were instrumental in providing immediate emergency medical care to those at the northern Greek border as well as humanitarian supplies such as food and blankets.

SCM volunteers helping to get the curtain walls up

We eventually partnered with another organization to provide these services at two large camps set up by the government in northern Greece. We also set up schools in each camp and had space in a large warehouse to collect donations and sort for distribution to the residents of the camps.

We’ve had a brief hiatus on our work in Greece as the crisis seemed to wind itself down and the refugees disbursed into the EU or found other places to live in Greece. The government was also becoming more adverse to outside organizations coming in and providing assistance to the refugees and made it very difficult for us to operate in any capacity there. We tried to set up a clinic and housing for women and children on the island of Samos as the need picked up again last summer, but our agents from the US and Jordan were blocked by the government at every turn.

In the midst of that stymied effort, we gained a local partner that has agreed to continue assisting us on the ground. This person is a Greek national so she does not face the same deterrents as foreign NGO workers face. She is carrying on our mission on Samos to provide humanitarian aid to the refugees there. These refugees have faced persecution as the anti-refugee sentiment has grown throughout Greece. The government is keeping the conditions at the makeshift camps squalid, overcrowded, unprotected and unsafe. They need our help more than ever now.

Please donate to this effort to keep provided much needed food, clothing, hygiene supplies, medicines, and more to the people who have given up everything to find safety and security.



The video below shows the unsanitary conditions have attracted rats. We are helping to get rid of them and some of the funds donated with go to that effort.

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Food Aid to Palestine


SCM, along with Dunya Productions and Donkeysaddle Projects, is working with organizers on the ground in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank to distribute packages of food and necessities to families in dire need, including families of those in quarantine in Gaza during the pandemic. 100% of funds donated to this small-scale volunteer project will directly go towards these vital provisions.

If you would like to donate to this program, click the donate button below.

Humanitarian AidJordanRefugees

Food Distribution May 2, 2020

Thanks to our donors we were able to distribute another 200 food parcels containing rice, pasta, sugar, salt, beans, tomato paste, cooking oil, canned meat, and more to families in need in Madaba, Jordan – both refugee families and local Jordanian families in need.