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Category: Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian AidSyria

Firewood for Syrians

The first shipment of firewood has been delivered to a camp of earthquake survivors in northern Syria. This will help so many families stay warm, but there are many more that need your help to stay warm for the next couple months as spring approches and tempuratures begin to warm. But until then, we need to get more firewood to other camps in need.

Thank you for your support! 

olive branches for firewood
Humanitarian AidSyria

Firewood Needed for Winter Warmth

Many Syrian earthquqake survivors are still living in tents and having to burn wood to stay warm. The challenge is to find dry wood. Our volunteers have been in northern Syria and have been in contact with a village that is in desparate need of firewood. Right now they are burning green olive tree branches which are very smokey. This is a very unhealthy situation with all the smoke, in addition to the cold. And by stripping the nearby olive trees, they are reducing future olive harvests. This is a no-win situation.

Please donate to this campaign so we can send money to our volunteers in Turkey who will buy the dry firewood and transport it to the villages that need it most. Our goal is $10,000 to get enough wood to last to spring and keep the families warm.

In this video you can see the miserable conditions the earthquake survivors are living in. This is an emergency situation so please donate today at https://www.scmmedicalmissions.org/donations/provide-a-heat-source/. Thank you!

Humanitarian AidMorocco

Solar Lanterns for Morocco

The people hardest hit by the earthquake in Morocco last September are still living in tents and rebuilding will take up to 2-3 years. SCM has sent funds to a partner organization in Morocco in October, and they were able to puchase and distribute warm clothing and food to numerous villages hit by the earthquake.

We have been looking for more ways to help and will be sending solar lanterns with a group going to Morocco in April. The group is organized by our sister travel company, Caravan-Serai Tours. We will take as many lanterns as we can get and distribute them to the villages still in need. You can donate to this campaign by clicking this link. Our goal is to get at least 200 lanterns that not only provide light but are also phone chargers. For many people, their cell phone is their only means of connecting to the outside world.

If you want to join this tour, experience Morocco, and do a bit of volunteer work along the way, here is the link: https://www.caravan-serai.com/tours/enchanting-morocco/.

Humanitarian AidMorocco

Distributions in Morocco

 Morocco Aid Distribution

SCM’s volunteers have completed their distribution of humanitarian aid in Morocco to the survivors of the massive earthquake in that country. The team traveled south and east of Marrakesh to provide food, clothing inlcuding warm coats, socks and scarves for the coming winter, and other supplies to three villages hard hit by the earthquake. Thank you to all who donated!

Humanitarian Aid

Aid for Libya Flood Victims

SCM is organizing a large purchase of generators for the flood victims in Libya. The generators will be purchased in Egypt and trucked across the border into Libya. Our regional director, Basel Sawalha is overseeing this effort. He will travel from Jordan to Egypt to buy the generators, hire the truck, make sure it gets loaded up and will work with the recipient organization on the other end for delivery and distribution.

Your donation will help us get these generators and pay the costs to get them to the people who need them to power lights, refridgerators, fans, pumps, etc.

Read more about the tragic flooding in the article below. The photo used in this post was taken by Yousef Murad.

Whole families drowned in Libya’s flood. Many didn’t realize the danger until they heard dams burst

Updated 7:54 AM PDT, September 14, 2023

DERNA, Libya (AP) — The wall of water several stories high smashed into apartment buildings, drowning entire families in minutes.

One man lost at least 13 members of his extended family. Fadellalah has yet to hear about the fate of another 20, several days after two dams burst above the Libyan coastal city of Derna, unleashing epic floods that killed thousands, wiped out neighborhoods and washed some of the dead into the sea.

Thousands of others like Fadellalah are frantically trying to find out who survived the rain-swollen rampage.

As a powerful storm bore down on his hometown, the information technology worker in Libya’s capital of Tripoli called his family Sunday to urge them to move to higher ground.


Humanitarian AidMoroccoRefugeesSyria

What a busy 12 months SCM has had!

SCM has had a busy 12 months helping resettled families from Syria with 23 families welcomed and helped by you, our amazing supporters. In February the devastating earthquake in Syria and Turkey took all our efforts for several months, as we continued to welcome more families to Lynnwood, Spokane and Federal Way. Again, our supporters stepped up and we had an amazing response to help the people get shelter and building supplies, medical supplies, solar panels and electrical systems, fans to combat the heat, food, and they were even able celebrate Eid!

Then, on September 9th, another major earthquake hit, this time in the mountainous region south of Marrakesh, devastating outlying villages and damaging historical monuments in Marrakesh. Oh, but mother nature was not done yet! Daniel, a Mediterranean storm, hit the eastern part of Libya, particularly the area around Derna. Due to years of neglect during the civil war there, two dams collapsed and the torrent swept away thousands of people in its path, wrecked buildings and flooded a wide swath of land. SCM is stretched too thin but we continue to try to put people and organizations together that can help Libya. We are helping to find mental health professionals that can help with PTSD, and will be launching a campaign to buy drones that can find land mines – mines from the civil war that had been previously mapped but are now scattered all over the landscape. This will help keep recovery personnel safe as they work on clearing away debris and cleaning up. More details on our Libya efforts coming soon.

Your support means more now than ever. From helping families begin their new lives in the United States to getting essential supplies to survivors of natural disasters, and supporting our free clinic in Saida, Lebanon, we can’t thank you enough. Please donate today to help us continue our mission of providing humanitarian and medical aid to those in need.

Thank you!