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A Thank You Card

Just recently we received a thank you note from one of our donors who sent us hand knitted items for the refugees. They we packed into the last container and were recently distributed to the refugees and photos were shared. Elizabeth saw her gift in the hands of the recipient! We truly appreciate all the items we receive from our knitters, quilters, sewers, hygiene kit assemblers and more. We try to take and publish as many photos of the distributions as possible, but it is hard to tell if a particular donor sees a photo of their particular item at the time we post it. In this case she did. We are so happy she was able to see a photo of the sweater, hat and gloves in the hands of a refugee child, knowing those things will help keep her warm this winter in Jordan.

Thank you for the lovely note, and thank you for your dedication, time and love that go into making all these items for the refugees!



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Rubber Boots for Refugee Children

The weather is getting very wet and cold in Jordan right now, and we need to get rubber boots to them ASAP. They cannot wait for the next container to arrive. Please help us get 1250 pairs of children’s boots on their feet by next week. Each pair only costs $4 in Jordan, so please chip in for 1, 5, 10 or even more pairs of boots! We will collect donations this week and wire the money to our office in Jordan so they can go buy and distribute the boots right away. We will post photos of the distribution as soon as we get them!  Thank you!

Click here to Donate to get Rubber Rain Boots for Refugee Children – $4 per pair


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Next Container to Jordan: end of February 2020

Happy New Year to all! We now have a time frame for our next container to Jordan: end of February. The exact date will be posted in a few weeks, but you can begin gathering and donating the needed items now. As always, bring new or clean and good condition items to our office during office hours (M-Th, 8am – 5pm). If you need to drop off at a different time, just contact us to make arrangements. Please do not leave anything outside the front door as it will get rained on and possibly ruined.

Here are the needs for this container:

  1. warm clothing – all sizes and for men, women, children
  2. back packs
  3. school supplies – pens, pencils, pencil cases, erasers, rulers, etc
  4. rubber rain boots
  5. towels
  6. blankets – warm, thick
  7. plastic mats for the floor due to wet conditions in the tents
  8. collapsible jugs for carrying water – 1 to 5 gallon size
  9. sleeping bags
  10. tarps
  11. hot water bottles
  12. heaters – kerosene not electric
  13. paint supplies for school and local artists – brushes, palettes, canvas, drawing pads, etc
  14. pajamas for all ages, child and adult

We will have an Amazon Wish List for most of these items, and they will be sent directly to our office in Seattle. If you want to order something not on the Amazon list, you can do so and have it sent to our office: SCM 3806 Whitman Ave. N, Seattle WA 98103.

Thank you for your continued support!


Post-distribution Video Report

Jumana and Basil, our Director in Jordan, have taken volunteers to a camp of refugees to distribute food. Nancy and David are from Seattle and we thank them so much for their donations and also for helping with this distribution to 15 families.

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Jewelry Making Supplies Distribution

Jewelry making supplies donated and sent to Jordan have been distributed to the refugee women who are involved in the jewelry making project. The jewelry that they will make with these supplies is sold and all proceeds go back to them. We have some of the jewelry in our office and you can see in our various Facebook posts what there is. If you need some unique gifts for the holidays and want to support a good cause, give us a call or stop by the office to pick up some of their creations.

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Foldscopes for Refugee Communities

Portable, Easy, Educational, Life-Saving

What are Foldscopes and why do we want them? They are paper microscopes that can be easily used in the field and are great for children as they learn about science, and they can be used to analyze water supplies to determine if the water is drinkable.

“Foldscope is the ultra-affordable, paper microscope. Designed to be extremely portable, durable, and to give optical quality similar to conventional research microscopes (magnification of 140X and 2 micron resolution), Foldscope brings hands-on microscopy to new places!

As a company, Foldscope Instruments Inc’s mission is to produce low-cost scientific tools that globally expand access to science. We aim to break down the price barrier between people & the curiosity and excitement of scientific exploration.”

“Foldscopes were used to identify the microscopic eggs of agricultural pests in India, to catalog the biodiversity of soil arthropods in the Amazon, detect fake currency and medicine, follow toxic blooms, detect bacteria in water samples, map pollen diversity in a city landscape, among thousands of other things.”

We would like to get a supply of these handy tools to give to refugee communities in Jordan, Syria, and Greece. They will be so useful in protecting themselves against water contamination and, because they are so inexpensive and can be purchased in Classroom Kits, they are great for students to learn about the world around them. And they can be used in conjunction with a cell phone camera to record and share!

Orders of the Deluxe Classroom Kit for $70 (20 deluxe kits and supplies) can apply the discount code FALL2019 to receive a $10 discount if ordered before October 2.

Order here: https://www.foldscope.com/order and have them sent to us at our office and we will get them in to the next container going in a couple weeks, or send them in luggage for those going to Greece or Jordan.

Thank you!