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Humanitarian AidJordanRefugees

February 7 Distribution in Jordan

We just had a distribution to a group of 10 families in a camp near Souf. They gave out blankets, kerosene heaters, and LuminAID solar lanterns with phone chargers. Thank you to everyone who donated! We are still trying to get more heaters so please go to our donation page and help keep these families warm. It is very cold and wet in Jordan and they need to be able to keep warm no matter what.

Humanitarian AidJordanRefugees

Kerosene Heaters Needed

We have received a donation to help buy kerosene heaters for the refugees in Jordan during this period of cold weather, but we need to get more as soon as possible. We are able to purchase the heaters in Jordan for about $45 so please help us out and send warmth to the refugees living in very bad conditions now.

Just like the children’s boot campaign, we are able to wire the money to our office in Jordan and they will go out and buy as many heaters as they are able to, and distribute them within a few days.


Any amount will help towards providing warmth for the refugee families.

Below are the conditions many of the refugees are living in with no heat, and the barest of facilities.


Humanitarian AidJordanRefugeesWomen & Children

Jewelry Making #2

Here is a video of a jewelry making class in Jordan. These women will be making items to sell, with much of it coming to Seattle and being sold out of our office and online. All money earned from the jewelry sales goes back to Jordan and the women who made the jewelry. We also accept donations for our containers of jewelry making supplies and tools.

Humanitarian AidJordanRefugeesWomen & Children

Jewelry Making Program

This is a video with some of the women in our jewelry making program showing off their beautiful creations.

Humanitarian AidJordanRefugeesWomen & Children

Shoes that Grow Fundraising Drive

We are hoping to include more of the Shoes That Grow in our container next month so we have partnered again with Because International to do just that. They have a new platform to collect the donations and then at the end of the drive they will send us the shoes to go in the container. Click below to learn more about the shoes and our campaign.


Below are photos of past recipients of the shoes, and of the newest shoe design.

Humanitarian AidJordanRefugees

Boot Distribution

Photos are coming in now of the boots that are being purchased and distributed too refugees in Jordan. The volunteers went to several shops to get boots and delivered them to our warehouse so they can be loaded into the volunteers’ cars and vans. Our team went to an encampment yesterday (Friday Jan 17) in between Amman and the airport where they took the boots, blankets, hats and gloves, hand warmers, hot water bottles, and solar lanterns and other items in our warehouse, as well as some bread and cheese to supplement their food supplies.

We will have more photos soon as more boots are distributed.