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Category: Human Rights

Funds for Gaza – 1
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Fundraiser for Gaza

Gaza aid fundraising event with auction, music, dinner, keynote speakers and more.

Gender Equity Warriors
AfghanistanHuman RightsLGBTQ

Protection for Gender Rights Activists

Equal Rights for women and girls was blossoming in Afghanistan until it came to an abrupt end when the Taliban marched into Kabul. Many of the women we are helping were the leading female gender equality activists of Afghanistan. Because of their previous activism they and their families are targets of the Taliban. We have many who are in hiding in Afghanistan or are illegal in Pakistan.

We financially support them for housing, food and life’s essentials. We pay large sums of money to help them get passports, visas and for transporting them to a third country. Once their visas have expired, we must hide them from the police so that they are not arrested and deported. Deportation for some could lead to torture and execution.

Here are just a few examples of the threat these activists are facing:

The Taliban discovered the hiding place of one our activists and came to her house. Thankfully she wasn’t there. They shot and killed her sister.

The 70-year-old matriarch of one of our families of 10 that used to run schools for girls in Afghanistan lost her 3 sons and a daughter in law to the Taliban.

A mother of another of our activists was arrested and tortured by the Taliban. We were able to finally send bribe money to gain her release.

Once we get them to a 3rd country, we work very hard to entice a western democracy to accept them.

The USA prioritizes their huge backlog of previous employees over other minorities. To apply for resettlement to the USA you must first apply to the UNHCR and receive refugee status before the Americans will begin processing them. This process can take several years. We do not believe most of our refugee friends would be able to survive without being deported.

We have assisted in the resettlement of dozens of people recently to Canada with the help of IRCC, Rainbow Refugee and Rainbow Railroad. Canada does not require preapproval by the UNHCR and is very welcoming to refugees. If you are Canadian and want to be a sponsor or have Canadian friends who might be interested in being sponsors, we would love to talk with you. Please contact us.

Each private sponsorship group needs to raise about $14,000 to $18,000 US dollars that goes into an escrow account to help the refugee during their first year in Canada. We do our best to help them raise funds.

SCM needs your help in so many ways to keep doing this work. Please donate today if you can to our New Life Fund, and share this page with whom ever you can.

AfghanistanHuman RightsHumanitarian AidLGBTQRefugees

LGBTQ Afghans in Need

When the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August 2021, Ahmed and his younger brother Mahmoud had no choice but to run. They left their home with all their possessions, found a hiding spot in a tiny room with no toilet or bathroom and stayed there terrified for weeks while their government collapsed and their country changed completely.

Ahmed is gay, in a country where being LGBTQ is punishable by death from the Taliban  – who have avowed to continue this horrific practice. He received death threats and was actively being hunted.

Both brothers are also Hazara, an ethnic minority much persecuted in Central Asia. The brothers’ own father was killed in a massacre of Hazara males when they were small children. They converted to Christianity but being ex-Muslim and Christian puts them in danger from religious fundamentalists, who see renouncing their religion as blasphemy.

Thankfully, they have escaped to Pakistan but they are constantly under threat of being forcibly returned to Afghanistan like many refugees before them. 

We’re helping them apply for safety in the US but there’s a long way to go. If you’d like to sign their petition, click here! 

We are raising funds to help support the brothers while they await the outcome of their asylum claim. Both are talented and hardworking, with a huge variety of experience. We want to support them until they are able to reach safety and become part of and contribute to the community. Ahmed wants to become an LGBTQ advocate, helping people in his situation and Mahmoud wants to complete his studies at university.

Can you help these brothers? We need funds to help maintain them while they receive their asylum claim, and also to find their feet when they arrive in the US. Every little counts!

Please share with your friends and thank you!

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Love Beyond Borders

Please note that this event has been cancelled. The Seattle Men’s Chorus hopes to reschedule the event in the future and we will keep you posted. You can still donate to our New Life Fund to continue to aid the LGBTQ refugees. Thank you for your support during these difficult times.

On March 20 and 21, the Seattle Men’s Chorus will be performing at Benaroya Hall with a program that is intended to spotlight Seattle as an epicenter of an “underground railway” to bring LGBTQ people from areas where they face persecution and threat of death for being LGBTQ. Members of the Chorus have made it their life’s mission to conduct this pathway to safety.

SCM Medical Missions is joining with the Seattle Men’s Chorus to help provide a safe route to refugees, who find themselves in camps or other countries where they are persecuted, attacked and threatened, to obtain asylum in Canada through Rainbow Refugee. You can read more about the Seattle Men’s Chorus and their program, and we hope you will consider attending the concert. SCM will have a table in the lobby providing more information about SCM and our efforts to help protect the most vulnerable refugee populations such as LGBTQ people. You can also donate to our NEW LIFE FUND to help these refugees find safety.


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New Life Fund

SCM is supporting LGBTQI refugees to help them get to safety in Canada. They are extremely vulnerable and are often persecuted within the camps. They need help to get out of the camps and on their way to a new and safe life in Canada, but they lack the resources to do so. As part of our mission to help the most vulnerable refugees, we are starting a new fund to help cover living expenses outside the camps and other fees associated with their asylum and immigration cases. We have people on the ground who are bringing specific cases of people in danger to us that we will assist on a case by case basis and we are partnering with an organization in Canada to accomplish this.

Please help us help them get out of the camps to safety and a new life in Canada.

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‘What if they don’t let me back in’

‘What if they don’t let me back in’: Seattle-area families still worried after Trump travel-ban suspended


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