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Needs for the Malki/SCM Children’s Center

Here are some of the items we are looking to provide to the Malki/SCM Children’s Center in Amman. Most of these can be purchased there so we don’t have to transport them, but some items we can carry with us to upcoming missions or send in a future container going out. Please contact the office if you have some of these to donate or click on the Donate Now button and you can specify your donation go the supplies for the children’s center.

Thank you!

  • Small musical instruments for the music room downstairs
  • Art supplies (not crayons or pencils) but heavy paper for water coloring/painting
  • Colored paper
  • Toys, more puzzles (big pieces for 6-10 year olds)
  • Dolls
  • Little giveaways we can use for graduation gifts
  • Nice quality coloring books, maze books, connect the dots books
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Graduation Day at the Malki-SCM Children’s Center

“Graduation of our first class 🙂
You should see the videos of the moms talking to us after the kids left thanking us for everything, saying how their lives have changed, how the kids want to study now and think of a future whereas before they didn’t think they had a future.

And how one girl used to always talk of hate – she even hated water – and always yelled at her mom – now she says please and I’m sorry – and her mom attributes that not only to her daughter attending the center, but also because she’s seeing Dr. Shafik and has learned how to deal with her daughter’s anger.

Next week we are starting group sessions for the moms. And then the next step is group therapy for teens – right now the teachers are getting trained on how to lead group sessions by conducting them among themselves.

Saturday we are taking the two groups on a field trip to King’s. Rami arranged it – their school bus will pick up the kids from the center and the King’s students will have a program for them. I will be there.”

~Reem Atassi