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Crane Fund Grant

SCM recently received a grant from the 2019 Crane Fund for Widows & Children. We want to thank Crane Aerospace & Electronics and all their employees that contribute to the fund. We received $4000 that we will use for our Women’s Empowerment and Skills Training programs for Syrian Refugees.

SCM was represented at the luncheon by Linda Richmond – thank you Linda!

Attendees at the 2019 Crane Fund Charity Tea

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8 Years On

SCM has been on a mission for 8 years now to make sure that Syria’s displaced children, their mothers, and other vulnerable populations  feel a strong sense of hope, relief, and stability through the incredible work and outreach of SCM and its volunteers. SCM Medical Missions grew from a small grassroots operation, organizing rapid response medical missions in Jordan and Greece, then we started working full time in Jordan to distribute goods to the displaced population of Syrians in camps. To fulfill that need, we have been sending out roughly 6 or more 40 ft containers per year.

Our distributions and volunteers in Jordan are run by our regional manager Basel Sawalha and Rebecca Malikian.  They are in charge of distribution and Rebecca’s young group of Jordanian and Palestinian students and professionals go out every week to different areas across Jordan to find the Syrian and the needy to distribute all the items that you so generously donate to us.

The container program costs about $5000 per container. But with your help so far we have been able to keep it going. We have a great driver that has given us a discounted rate on shipping, but once we get that we have the unloading and re-loading once it gets to the port of Aqaba and the workers need to be paid that help with this. It is very easy for each of you to help with this. You can make a monthly pledge of any amount towards the shipping. We can then concentrate on  filling the containers with all the items that are needed and getting the containers out and on their way to Jordan.

Together, with your help of a donation of $25, $50, $100 or more we can keep spreading the love and compassion we have for these people.

Thank you for all you are doing!


Community ServiceHumanitarian AidJordanRefugees

World Refugee Day


Today is World Refugee Day.

Did you know that the US has taken a total 21,000 Syrian refugees since the unrest in Syria to date?

In 2018 , this year we have only taken in 11 Syrian Refugees.

SCM’s main focus when we first started was working with the refugee crisis overseas in the countries surrounding Syria – Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece. Within the last two years we have turned some of our attention to the resettled refugees that are coming into Washington State. We have found that the NGOs are overwhelmed and having to deal with a lot. The three months of assistance that the government is giving to refugees is not enough to get them established in this new life. We have taken on the role of helping them. Some of the things we have helped them with are:

  • Getting furniture into their new homes

    Seattle area Syrian refugee children at the Museum of Flight to celebrate Eid

  • Education for the kids and the adults
  • Helping them find jobs
  • Helping them with resumes
  • Finding families or churches or mosques that want to adopt a family and help them in this new life
  • Finding a car
  • Help them with rent or utilities if they are falling short
  • Taking the families on educational outings like museum, zoo, aquarium etc
  • Helping the kids with harassment in the schools

We are happy that the families, mostly the kids, have adjusted this year and that they all finished school and graduated from their grade levels. We had a couple that graduated from high school and are planning to go to college. We also had five mothers that went to community college and graduated in day care and catering services. They will be able to start work or start their own businesses. They will become members of this society and able to make their own ways.

Opening another sewing/training center for Syrian refugee women in Jordan. SCM donors helped to provide the sewing machines and other materials needed for the program.

SCM still has not forgotten our main goal in helping the families and individuals that are still living in camps outside of their homeland. Some are still trying to connect with the families that are already in the US or in Europe and others are just trying to survive for the sake of their children.

SCM is still collecting humanitarian goods and sending them in containers every couple of months into Jordan for distribution.

All of this is done with the support of all of you through monetary donations or goods. Everything is appreciated. Please do not stop giving, we are not sure when this tragedy will end and people will go back to their homes and start life again.

We are all a small portion of the bigger picture , but every bit helps and we at SCM thank you for all you support for all the refugees around the world.



Community ServiceHumanitarian AidJordanRefugees

Distribution in Jordan

“With the support of Salaam Cultural Museum “SCM” and the Bible Society, Mr. Khalid Naif Al-Jabri and the Jordanian Ambulance Society, the “Path of Good” has visited the region.

The President of the assembly charitable society met Ms. Helen Ạlsrhan and the director of the Northern First Development director, Professor Awad Al-Khalidi. Gifts were given to a number of needy families, such as food, shoes, stationery, solar lanterns, and walkers and other supplies for those with special needs.

The path of goodness thank everyone who has contributed to the good.”

The distributions took place in Moghair Alsarhan and Jaber in north and northwestern Jordan, near the border with Syria. All photos taken by Mohammad Karaleh.

Community ServiceHumanitarian AidJordanRefugeesWomen & Children

Thank you Ebay!

SCM has the best supporters! We just received a grant from the Ebay Foundation for $10,000! The grant was initiated by one of our volunteers who is an employee there, and has been helping us with our online store.

Thank you Farah for putting this in motion and following up on it to secure the grant for SCM! The money will be used for programs like the women’s empowerment and training programs in Jordan and here in Washington State for resettled refugee women.

If you work for a company with a grant program, and are looking for ways to support SCM, this is a great way to do it. Check with your company’s HR department or corporate giving manager to see if there any grant opportunities, obtain the application, and then contact us for help to complete the grant request. You will likely need specific information about SCM our non-profit status for the application.

Thank you again to Farah, and to Ebay for providing this grant to SCM!