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Brutal Winter for Refugees

Dear SCM Friends:

The usual cost of a 40 ft container to go from Seattle to Aqaba in Jordan is $2400 – this is a special price that we are getting as a nonprofit from our shipper. The cost is usually about $5,000.

The cost, once the container gets to Aqaba, for workers to unload it from the ship and have it checked by customs and then put onto the truck to take to Amman is $1645.

Once in Amman the container goes to the Jordan Hashemite Charities, our partner in Jordan, it is off-loaded and re checked for items that are either outdated or not allowed into the country and then we load the trucks and take the donations to the warehouse in Madaba. Volunteers offload, sort and get ready for distribution within the week. The cost of this stage is about $2400.

All of these costs are paid for by your generous donations.  So, to keep doing the work that we are doing we need you to keep helping us with these costs.  We also ask for monetary donations for specific emergencies. These funds are wired into Jordan, Syria or Lebanon for supplies that they need to purchase in country if they are not able to wait for us to send them in a container, or it is not cost effective for us to send them, such as firewood.

This winter has been very tragic. The weather conditions are so bad – first rain and floods in one week, destroying what little may refugee families had and forcing them to higher ground. Once they did that the snow started and they did not have the warmth to protect them, leaving many to freeze to death.

We need your help now to get warmth to the refugees affected by the winter weather. We will purchase firewood and other fuel for heating and blankets. Please, give now.

Please know that we only send out these announcements when there is a dire need for the funds. We are also asking for your help to spread the word to family and friends and associates of these needs.  We know that we seem to be always asking but it is for a real cause, not for an administrative need.


Thank you


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