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Benefit Concert Success

We want to thank everyone who attended the benefit concert last night. Everyone enjoyed the music, especially the Children’s Choir. Thank you for your continued support of SCM and our programs.



Letter from Rita:

For the last couple of months SCM has been very busy in Washington State and also in Jordan with distribution of goods.

Through a variety of initiatives, medical and psycho-social projects and self-sustainability developments our passion lies in empowering the Syrian people to be independent.

We are doing that in the distribution of the Solar Lanterns that help the children do their school work in the evenings when there is no light in any of the villages or camps they are living in.  The distribution of school supplies in backpacks so they are not feeling that they are different than any of the other children in their schools.  We have been distributing the shoes that grow to all kids from the ages of 3-17 years.  We received over 4000 pairs through our partners Because International and Carry the Future.  More are still coming in and thru donations given by you.

We have sent over sewing machines and more will be going for our Women Empowerment classes showing women how to sew and getting them contracts with business outside the camps that they will be able to sell their product to

A new initiative has been started to open up Barber shops in the outlying areas in southern Jordan and teach the older children how to cut hair.  This will also help with hygiene and keeping lice in control.  Due to the lack of water in these area there are not able to deal with this so SCM is working on getting water tanks into the needed villages and keeping them supplied.

Please support our projects and keep innocent children and their families safe and happy with a small gift of a monetary donation or a donation from our wish list at Amazon.  Every little bite helps

We would not be able to continue with these projects without the help of our many volunteers.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help

Rita Zawaideh


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