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Amazon Wishlist has Been Updated

Our wishlist on Amazon has been updated. We are collecting long underwear for all ages – male and female, sewing machines for the women’s empowerment program in Jordan, and microscopes for science classes in the schools in Jordan.

With the cold weather coming, we are collecting the long underwear for the refugees that have recently resettled in Washington State. We’ve had our first cold snap and winter is well on its way, so help us get the long underwear to the refugees who will be experiencing their first winter here – in Seattle, Spokane, and the Tri Cities. Brrr…

We continue to support he women’s empowerment programs at Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan and will be including the sewing machines in the next container to go in the spring. The women are trained as seamstresses and then are given the sewing machine to continue their work and earn money to support their families.

We have had a request to help several schools in poorer areas of Jordan that need science equipment for their classrooms, including microscopes. They are not asking for anything expensive or complex, and we found an inexpensive student model that we want to get for them.

Please visit our Amazon Wish List and help us by ordering today.

Thank you!

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