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SCM is taking donations for Aleppo, and you can support the people there in the following ways:

Shelter Kit   $50

Winter Kit  $43.50

Food Kit  $33

Hygiene Kits   $40

We are partnering with an organization based in Lebanon that is purchasing the supplies and taking them into Syria and getting them to the people in Aleppo.

From Rita Zawaideh:

“The people in Aleppo are asking for the help of the international community – we have been too quiet for so long and now it is all closing in on the women and children and the elderly.  We are working with groups inside and no for sure that the funds will get to where they are intended.

Please help us – I know a lot of us feel powerless at this time and anything we can do will be a savior.  No person should have to go thru this.  We have said time and time again that we can’t let this happen and we are.  The world governments are silent as these horrors continue under our very noses.

I have been crying for days and days and wondering how to get ahold of friends and family that are still living in Aleppo.  I just want to get on a plane or rent the whole plane and take people out and not make them try and walk out thru these supposed free corridors- that is not the case.  My daughter’s friend’s house got bombed- they are ok but how many others are not and how many others do we not hear from ever again.”

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